Over the last several years, FM8 has been offering customers Super 8 telecine captures with a Moviestuff™ WorkPrinter-XP (RGB) and Canon XH-A1 3CCD video camera (We’ve since moved to the Canon HF200 as outlined in the conversion document). Super 8 frame scans are output from the Canon XH-A1 camera via firewire to a personal computer and captured using the standard definition CineCap™ capture software. Together, the WorkPrinter-XP, Canon XH-A1 and CineCap™ capture software produced pretty good results for our Super 8 captures. Although the output results were acceptable, we were unhappy with physical workspace requirements and framing issues of this configuration. We really needed a more compact, consistent and manageable configuration for Super 8 captures. 
The standard WorkPrinter-XP and video camera setup requires a large amount of dedicated space for SUper 8 captures with a working distance between the WorkPrinter-XP condenser lens and video camera front lens element approximately 34”. The total amount of space required for the standard WorkPrinter-XP and video camera configuration is over 5 ft. of floor space! The Workprinter-XP space constraints alone not including capture computer, monitor, and various cabling consumed more space than we could justify allocating in our current work environment. Beyond the large space requirement of a WorkPrinter-XP configuration, the camera and tripod required for Super 8 captures needs regular adjustment to maintain proper framing between the Workprinter film gate and video camera. A small and seemingly insignificant bump to either the Workprinter-XP projector or capture camera caused major misalignment issues and presented a huge challenge to maintaining consistent captures with the standard WorkPrinter-XP/condenser lens configuration. With the need for constant adjustment there just wasn’t any way that the standard Workprinter-XP configuration was going to provide us with consistent captures across multiple Super 8 film reels in a compact footprint.
To improve our captures, we decided that we needed a compact Workprinter-XP configuration not unlike the more expensive, higher-end products being manufactured by Moviestuff™. We wanted to convert our current WorkPrinter-XP configuration into a more stable and physically compact solution with High Definition (HD) capabilities.  

Our main motivations behind converting our standard WorkPrinter-XP configuration into a new WorkPrinter-XP with HD imaging capabilities:
-	The requirement for a much smaller physical footprint for our Workprinter-XP capture station (<5 ft.).
-	A more stable and manageable Workprinter-XP configuration (No camera tripod). 
-	Consistent WorkPrinter-XP capture results with minimal to no re-configuration between capture sessions (Setup time between customer film reels)
-	Improved image resolution through HD frame scans.

We set out to provide an easy to follow guide to our customers that helps them convert their existing Workprinters into more stable and usable devices. One of the main goals for our conversion guide was to integrate readily available, off-the-shelf components while reusing as much of the existing Workprinter-XP components as humanly possible. Additionally, we felt it made sense to provide customers a conversion guide that was easy to implement without specialized technical knowledge or mechanical resources (i.e. machine tools, lathes, etc.). 
The basic list of hardware required to convert a standard WorkPrinter-XP into a WorkPrinter HD:
-	Four (4) 4” x ¼-20 Machine Screws
-	One (1) 1” x ¼-20 Machine Screw
-	Four (4) #12 x 1 ½” Pan Head Phillips Screws
-	Four (4) 1” Fender Washers for #12 Screws
-	Four (4) ¼-20 Wing Nuts
-	Four (4) ¼-20 Lock Washers 
-	One (1) x (4-way Macro Focusing Rail Slider) (Available on eBay)
All components can be purchased from your local hardware store and from eBay. Stainless steel components can also be substituted as well.
The list of additional electronic components and software required for the Workprinter-XP conversion:
-	1 x Canon Vixia HF200 Flash Memory Camcorder (Canon HV30/HV40 can be substituted)
-	1 x Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens 
-	1 x Bower 37mm to 43mm lens Step-Up Ring
-	1 x Mini HDMI (Type C) Male to HDMI (Type A) Male Cable 
-	1 x Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro HDMI and Analog Editing Card – PCIe
-	1 x Velocity Box (Moviestuff™) 
-	1 x CineCap™ Velocity-HD Capture Software (AlternaWare™)
All electronic components and software were purchased from B&H, Moviestuff™ and AlternaWare™. My assumption for individuals attempting this conversion is that they are comfortable with the installation and configuration of Personal Computer (PC) hardware and software. Persons attempting to perform a Workprinter-XP conversion should also have basic working knowledge for the various hand tools shown in the conversion document. 

Workprinter-XP to Workprinter-HD Conversion

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