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FM8 High Definition RGB Workprinter-XP Conversion
Standard RGB Workprinter-XP
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Workprinter Conversion:
Over the last several years, FM8 has been offering customers Super 8 telecine captures via a Moviestuff™ WorkPrinter-XP (RGB) and Canon XH-A1 3CCD video camera (We’ve since moved to the Canon HF200 as outlined in the conversion document below). Together, the WorkPrinter-XP and Canon XH-A1 produced pretty good results but we were still unhappy with physical workspace requirements and framing issues of the standard Workprinter-XP (RGB) configuration. We really wanted a more compact, consistent and manageable Workprinter-XP configuration for customer Super 8 captures. Below is information about how we solved these probelms and our exclusive Workprinter-XP conversion process.

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We wanted to share a picture of our custom FM8 Workprinter. Sorry for the bad picture but we were in a hurry to get the unit into production capturing customer films in HD.
FilmMaker8 can do a portion or all of the conversion for you!

Send an email to info@FilmMaker8.com with your name including what you would like done. 
We will respond to you with a quote for the work and the address of where to send your WorkPrinter.
Following the instructions provided in email, double box your WorkPrinter and send to the address provided.
We will ship your converted WorkPrinter HD back to you in 1-2 weeks.
FilmMaker8‘s Custom Workprinter.
General Specs: 
 Computer controlled camera stage (XYZ Axis) for consistent gate framing and capture across multiple Super 8 film reels.
  1/2” Aluminum baseplate for rock solid stability between the camera stage and projector. We replaced the standard wooden base (pine) covered in black formica shown in the first two pictures above. Pine is not the best material for stable captures IOHO...