Color Correction: We understand some filmmakers are using non-linear editing systems to master their film projects and that many of these editing systems (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, etc.) have color correction capabilities built into the software. During the FilmMaker8 HD telecine process, a very basic RGB color adjustment is performed on each film reel with final color corrections left up to the customer. Additional color correction beyond a basic correction can be performed for an additional fee. Please see below for an approximate per foot price for our “Advanced” scene-to-scene color correction option and please also contact us for a final price estimate for your telecine project!
Blu-Ray Delivery (50GB BD-R): $25.00 (USD)
Customer Provided Hard Drive: No Charge
$0.40 (USD) Per foot of film
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HD Telecine Services:
HD Clarity: FilmMaker 8 offers low cost high-definition Super 8mm or Standard 8mm film transfers. Our telecine process uses a custom built, high-definition telecine unit with a Red, Green, Blue (RGB) LED light source. Every Super 8 or Standard 8mm frame of your reversal footage (no negative film stock) is individually captured (no sound films) into our HD telecine workstation using a high-definition video camera. The HD telecine camera has a CMOS sensor with over 3.3 million pixels allowing captures of your films in HD at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p.
Cloud Delivery: Final telecine captures are available to customers for immediate download via our internet accessible, high-speed, Storage Area Network (SAN). When the telecine scanning process of your films is complete, we’ll provide you a username and password for access to our customer portal where your final capture files can be downloaded via a broadband Internet connection. We also offer output to Blu-ray disk, customer provided hard drive, or other media of your choice. Other output options are available on request at no additional charge.


HD Telecine Service Offerings:
Cloud Delivery (Direct Download): No Charge

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$0.15 (USD) Per foot of film (Please contact us for an estimate)
HD Telecine Delivery Options:
HD Telecine Regular 8 / Super 8 (Reversal Film Only):
Advanced HD Telecine Color Correction:
1920x 1080p  Resolution
At FilmMaker8 we’re focused on providing excellent SD & HD telecine captures at a reasonable price! Many student/amateur filmmakers are discouraged by the high costs of transferring their films. At FIlmMaker8 we aim to break this cycle of relying on the expensive “Big Guys” to provide telecine services by offering an excellent alternative to HD film captures for a ridiculously low price. Filmmakers should be out shooting film, not worrying about how they’re going to pay large telecine bills for computer acquisition of their film projects. Our HD telecine service for Super 8 or Regular 8mm silent film is only $.40 per ft. Your films will come back to you in HD clarity ready to view on your PC or high definition television!  

Make sure and view our HD 1920 x 1080p telecine sample below.
Stunning HD Clarity: Please understand, the FilmMaker8 telecine service does not use multimillion-dollar telecine equipment but rather a lower cost HD telecine unit capable of capturing 8mm and Super 8 films in stunning HD clarity. Sure, a Rank or similar telecine system could produce better results but you would definitely pay a larger price per foot for the transfer! Why pay more when FilmMaker8 can provide HD quality transfer of your films at a lower price!
HD Telecine Sample Reel:
Standard FilmMaker8 HD Telecine Capture with “Advanced” Scene-to-Scene Color Correction.